Equity Crowdfunding Arrives for MMO’s

Highly-anticipated MMORPG Crowfall and its studio Artcraft just became¬†the first MMO to practice equity crowdfunding allowing average people to invest and own a piece of the company. Prior to 2016, only “accredited investors” (people with a networth of $1 million or an annual salary of $200,000 for two years) were legally allowed to invest in startup companies, including gaming startups.

To place this development into perspective, if Oculus Rift had given equity in exchange for its crowdfunds, many of the donors would’ve become rich when the company was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion.

Microadventures is an Indiegogo affiliate. Crowfall previously raised nearly $1.8 million on Kickstarter and is currently in Alpha.

For more information read this article on Eurogamer.

The Future of LogicCool

Hey folks, I’m amazed this blog still receives 15-35 visitors everyday even without new content. ¬†As one might guess, I’m still very busy. ¬†Half my nights over the last three weeks were all-nighters.

Anyway, I’ve been pondering possibilities for Logic-Cool. ¬†Part of the challenge in maintaining the site stems from my current web hosting. ¬†It takes anywhere between 30-60 seconds to make edits to any article. ¬†The website also loads too slow. ¬†The minutes add up. ¬†You can’t argue with free services, but sometimes you pay in other ways.

Here’s the plan. ¬†I’ve pre-paid 5 years of premium hosting to use in business activities. ¬†I’m going to transfer this website content to LogicCool.net to serve as an archive.

Then, I’ll relaunch LogicCool.com as a brand new website.

Time is the only limiting factor. ¬†I need to compose two 110-page manuscripts in the coming weeks, and work on some smaller projects. ¬†It will get done though…eventually.

In other news, my science fiction graphic novel¬†Scionic¬†will be released in bookstores nationwide by Arcana Comics in March. ¬†Hurray! ¬†That was only a three year journey! ¬†If you click that link, don’t mind the pencil art, I’m trying to get it replaced with the actual cover art.

Thank you everyone for your visit.

SUCKER PUNCH – Movie Review by WZ


Imprisoned in an insane asylum after witnessing the murder of her sister by her evil stepfather, a young woman attempts to battle her way to freedom through her imagination.



Let’s get right to it. ¬†I was a bit disappointed in this movie. This is the kind of film that a cynic makes in order to spread a message about optimism. If I say anything more specific than that, it becomes a spoiler. As most of you already know,SUCKER PUNCH¬†tells the story of a girl, nicknamed Babydoll, trapped in an insane asylum who tries to battle her way to freedom through her imagination.

Zack Snyder’s latest movie *seems* to draw most of its inspiration from a little cult film named¬†DANCER IN THE DARK¬†starring Bjork. ¬†Indeed, Bjork’s music colors the soundtrack regularly in SUCKER PUNCH. ¬†In fact, calling SUCKER PUNCH a high-tech, fantasy girl version of DANCER IN THE DARK would be fairly accurate, as the former movie seems to be the spiritual child of the latter.

First of all, the trailer is misleading. ¬†Babydoll only enters her imagination to fight battles, she’s not questing in her fantasy world throughout the movie. ¬†If you’ve seen DANCER IN THE DARK, then you’ll find out SUCKER PUNCH borrows its storytelling structure almost exactly. Even the endings are highly similar.

To be honest, Babydoll’s first battle scene is full of awesome. It makes you initially glad you bought a ticket. However, when her four girl companions show up the movie goes completely downhill.

The movie forces us to follow these minor characters around, and we know nothing about them. They also manage to take away a good 70-80% of the action away from the main character…and it’s a bad trade. The actress playing Babydoll holds such a better screen presence than her co-stars, that whenever they start fighting the movie lapses into a high-tech Buffy: The Vampire Slayer type of cheesiness.

*SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* ¬†Do not continue reading if you don’t want this movie SPOILED for you. To protect readers, I’ve placed the text in WHITE. ¬†Highlight the paragraph below to continue reading.

The bad guys win in the end (sort of). ¬†Babydoll has 5 days to escape the insane asylum or else she’ll be lobotomized. She fails. The screen cuts to black and delivers an unconvincing message about how freedom depends on the mind. SUCKER PUNCH is a real shame, because the set up is fairly gruesome. If the main character somehow had managed to come out on top, it would’ve delivered a great emotional pay off. ¬†Those of you who have seen DANCER IN THE DARK, starring Bjork, will be quite familiar with this ending, as they are very similar. ¬†This is why I said this is a cynic’s movie attempting to spread a message about optimism.

The let-down ending certainly affected the audience. For example, at the end of BATTLE: LOS ANGELES people were cheering and commenting how cool the movie was. At the end of SUCKER PUNCH, the audience was mostly quiet as they filed out.


QUALITY RATING: For Genre Lovers Only

This movie began with such great promise, but eventually ended nowhere. ¬†As such, you’re really only watching SUCKER PUNCH for two reasons. ¬†1) You’re a fan of Zack Snyder’s direction, and indeed, it’s breathtaking here. ¬†2) You want to see some fantasy girl power in action. ¬†As a story, the movie doesn’t emotionally deliver, nor will it convince you of its theme.


SPEND RATING: Low Matinee / High Rental

The movie visuals could merit a viewing on the big screen. ¬†However, if you’re wiling to wait for a Blu-Ray disc, I would wager the experience will be very close to a theatre one. ¬†The villains in Babydoll’s imagination are all cartoonish, so its debatable whether seeing them on a big screen would impress you more.


Using Quantum Physics to Explain Smell

Scientists gathering at a meeting of the American Physical Society in Dallas, Texas are exploring a¬†quantum physics theory of explaining how smell works.¬†Current theories of human smell hold that molecules have certain shapes. When they enter our noses, they fit like a “key in a lock” with certain receptors in our sinus cavities.

However, new research from Dr. Luca Turin of MIT has suggested instead that the “vibrational” state of the molecule might have a bearing on smell. In experiments, flies were able to distinguish between similar molecules that had differing frequencies.

The BBC article above is very general, but if you’d like to read more specifically how quantum physics might intersect with smell, you can check out¬†this paper in the Journal of Applied Physics¬†by Dr. Andrew Horsfield of Imperial College London. Access will require a subscription.

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