Great News Buffet (03/07/2011)

by WZ on March 7, 2011 2 Comments

Time for another round of great news from all over the globe.

1) Swedish researchers make major breakthrough using yeast cells to create biological circuits that can eventually be used in a biological computer.

2) World's 1st bionic eye goes on the market in Europe partially restoring sight to the blind.

Bionic Eye

3) After a 6 month study, Trinity College in Australia has decided to give every student an iPad. Must be nice not lugging around those textbooks, dudes.

4) Facebook enables Samaritans to contact users who make suicidal posts.

5) Arnold Schwarzenegger considering roles in THE TERMINATOR and PREDATOR remakes. What's so great about this? I'm not sure, but I like Arnold in movies. There's something about listening to his goofy accent trying to act dramatic...

6) You'll soon be able to buy candy bars AND recharge your electric car in Japan.

Great News Buffet 02/28/2011

by WZ on March 1, 2011 6 Comments

The amount of innovation-related news is overwhelming today, so time for another compilation of human advancement.

1) Israeli researchers create a nasal spray vaccine that protects against Alzheimer's disease and strokes.

2) Stanford scientists discover potential treatments for lethal brain tumors in children, a field which had stagnated for 35 years.

3) Smartphones now allowing impoverished global communities to receive video tutorials to create products and avoid diseases from Western universities. View samples here and here.

4) Virgin Galactic announces its first commercial contracts to send researchers into space.

5) Researchers fuse human stem cells from fat into rat heart cells, growing tissue that beats, promising a breakthrough in human heart regeneration.

6) Scientists genetically engineer blood cells in 6 patients to resist HIV, opening possibilities for a full gene therapy cure for AIDS.

7) U.S. Air Force flies the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 for the first time.

Great News Buffet 02/21/2011

by WZ on February 22, 2011 0 Comments

Okay, just too many great things to report today.  Time for another buffet of human progress.  Enjoy.

1) Brookings Institution Press finds that global poverty fell in the last 5 years by a staggering 500 million people. Also, they achieved their goal helping to halve global poverty in 2007, a full 4 years ahead of schedule. By 2015, they estimate only 10% of humanity will be living in poverty.

2) Microsoft transforms from indifferent observer to fully embracing the Kinect Hacker community by releasing a software tool kit Windows SDK to aid programmers in their hacking allowing for a huge speed-up of new Kinect innovations.

3) Mind-Controlled Robots were placed on display at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting.

4) Nether Realms finally makes Liu Kang of Mortal Kombat a cool character.

5) Movie set construction images for THE HOBBIT have been released!

6) CERN restarts ...

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Great News Buffet 02/18/2011

by WZ on February 18, 2011 1 Comment

Time for another round of human advancement.

1) Japanese inventor creates home device that can turn plastic bags at home into usable petroleum. The machine transforms two pounds of plastic into 1 quart of oil, which can be used in power generators or refined into gasoline.

Produce Energy at Home

2) German researchers demonstrate a car you can drive with your thoughts.

3) Stress-blocking drug fully restores hair in bald mice at a 100% success rate.  Yeah, chronic stress over years is ultimately responsible for pretty much everything.

4) Study presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons discovers that stretching before running irrelevant to injury.

5) IBM building Internet search engine that talks.

6) Once-feared Tunisian ministry which suppressed Internet freedom sets up Facebook page in the revolution's aftermath.

Great News Buffet 02/14/2011

by WZ on February 15, 2011 0 Comments

What better day than Valentine's to compile a list of exciting news from around the world?

1)  Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have found a way to increase bio-fuel (ethanol) yields by one-third, moving us closer to oil alternatives.

2) Surgeons at UCSD have developed a way to make nerve tissues glow during an operation, drastically reducing the chances surgery will damage them. 

3) Sheep Help Scientists Clean-up Explosive Residue.

4) Kids explain why they love their new 3-D printer.

5) Video Game Soundtrack Song Wins Grammy Award (sort of).

6) IBM'S Watson artificial intelligence giving Jeopardy champions a run for their money (final results pending in 2 days).

7) Korean company creates first 3D smartphone.

3D Smartphone

Great News Buffet! 02/10/2011

by WZ on February 11, 2011 0 Comments

Yes, here we are again, folks. Today is yet another day where there exists too much great stuff to write about. Actually, everyday is like this, but today has really great stuff.

1) Harvard Scientists Pinpoint the Root Molecular Cause of Health Decline in Aging

2) Italian Designer Combines Solar Cells, Wind Turbines and Car Bridges That Can Ease Traffic and Power 15,000 homes.

Solar Wind Bridge

3) DARPA Fast-Tracks Brain-Controlled Robotic Prosthetic Arm, to be Available in 4 Years.

Robot Arm

4) Australian scientists create freaky self-electro-shock therapy helmet that suppresses the left side of the brain, so that the creative right side can function unhindered, tripling your chance for fresh insights.

5) Warner Brothers set to remake the geektastically cheesy but still fascinating LOGAN'S RUN from the 70's.

6) Thai airline introduces first transsexual "ladyboy" flight attendants.

Transsexual Flight Attendants

Great News Buffet 02/03/2011

by WZ on February 3, 2011 0 Comments

I'll reveal a little secret to those visiting. I didn't create Logic-Cool to convince people the world was a good place. Instead, I'm convincing myself. Over the last 5 years, I've been a dedicated newshound, following politics. Gradually, I became more cynical and bitter about the way the world works. It even spilled over into my relationships.

So, the daily maintenance of this blog requires me to create a new habit, as I scour the Internet looking for the best stories humanity offers.

I'm attempting a balance, focusing on entertainment, while trying not to duplicate what other blogs cover. Here's some stuff to jumpstart your optimism:

1) PH.D. students identify serious Facebook security issues then help the company solve them.

2) Scientists discover link between a plant's circadian rhythm and its disease resistance, which may eliminate the need for food pesticides.

3 ...

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Great News Buffet 02/02/2011

by WZ on February 2, 2011 0 Comments

Time begins to run short on my end. I've compiled a little list of stories I wanted to comment on today, but just can't.  As usual, the amount of good, geeky news to report feels overwhelming.  

1) Italian researchers integrate live neural cells with retinal implants allowing for greater restoration of sight among those suffering eye diseases

2) New app enables smartphone cameras to perform like professional photography gear

3) Upcoming AT&T / Verizon price war means goodies for all at a low price

4) The awesome point-of-view video of a pilot landing an airliner at LAX

5) I love Chrome, so it's great they've grabbed 10% of the web browser market

6) Robots help chronically-sick teens attend school remotely

7) Scientists grow blood vessels heralding a revolution in surgery 

Great News Buffet 02/01/2011

by WZ on February 1, 2011 0 Comments

On any given day, the world produces an overwhelming number of truly great stories to report, stories of progress, hope and the creative power of humanity. Today is no different. Unfortunately, my Logic-Cool time usually is limited to about 1-2 hours a day. So, I've decided to create a new category called simply "Great News". Here, I'm going to list forward-looking developments that I wanted to focus on, but either didn't have enough time to write about or just don't know enough about the subject in order to add any comment.  

Onward, WZ.

1) Researchers create single-wing helicopters that are extremely stable and might be able to stay aloft indefinitely

2) Nanodomes & Plasmonics promise quantum leap in Solar Energy.

3) Genetically-engineered probiotics coming to a yogurt near you

4) John Woo is remaking his geektastic classic "The Killer" in 3D

5) Blind man drives car down ...

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